Double Decker Coach Manchester , 72 Seater coach

Double Decker Coach Manchester , 72 Seater coach

Unlike the traditional red double-decker buses that you see around London, our double decker 72 seater coach hire Manchester vehicles are the essence of luxury. Our 72 seat coaches are ultra-luxury vehicles that are designed to transport our customers in style.

Each of our vehicles are equipped with roomy seats that have a very soft covering for extra comfort. Extra leg room makes even the longest ride seem quick. Wide walkways allow everyone to pass through the bus with ease.

The tinted windows eliminate the heat and glare from the sun and provide extra privacy for our clients. The climate control features in the coach always maintain the perfect temperature inside, regardless of time of year. Our large coaches also have several amenities, such as superior sound systems and viewing screens for movies.

Travel To Your Event In Luxury

If you have a large group of people that are traveling together you will find that using a 72 seat coach hire is much easier and more relaxing than trying to move the same amount of people to one place individually. Everyone in your group can avoid the traffic jams, the nightmares with parking, and all the additional expenses associated with traveling alone. As a benefit, you can enjoy each other?s company while traveling in the coach instead of having to concentrate on driving.

Our coach service is perfect for transporting wedding guests, students on class trips, sports teams, and business associates. We can accommodate any size of group and for any length of time.

If you are ready to travel to and from your special event in style, we are here to help. Our reps can schedule your coach hire for any day and for any length of time. We will be pleased to provide you with excellent service, luxury transportation, and a very affordable price.