Day Trips Minibus in Manchester, Coach Hire Day trips

Day Trips Minibus in Manchester, Coach Hire Day trips

There are countless day trips that you can enjoy throughout the Manchester area. In fact, one of our most popular services are minibus and coach hires for Manchester day trips. Residents and visitors to the area can enjoy many different attractions within the city.

Here are some of the ?attractions as follows for day trips in Manchester:

? Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate. Manchester has long been known for ts textile industry. Quarry Bank Mill was one of the original mills in the area that has since been converted to a museum. You can tour the Mill and the grounds, including the Apprentice House where child laborers used to live when working for the Mill. In addition, you can visit the Styal Estate, who owned Quarry Bank and several other mills in the area. It is a fascinating day trip in Manchester and a movie ?The Mill? was made using this location.

? Chester Zoo. Once the dream of a little boy who wanted a zoo without bars, the Chester Zoo came into being in 1931 when that boy grew to a man and purchased a house on seven acres of land. Now, the zoo is located on 110 acres and has over 10,000 animals to enjoy.

? Liverpool Docks. The Liverpool docks are a great place to explore. You will find museums, shops, architectural masterpieces, and entertainment venues around every corner. Explore, indulge and enjoy the dock area for the entire day.

? Museums and Galleries. You can schedule a full day of touring the many different art galleries and museums located in and around Manchester.

? Races. Make race day a little bit more fun by scheduling a coach hire or minibus hire to attend the races. We can accommodate groups of all sizes to get them to the races.

? Festival. Manchester is home to many different festivals throughout the year. You can schedule a day trip coach hire ?to the festival and avoid traffic and parking and then relax all the way home.

? Field Trips. Schedule a minibus hire in Manchester service or coach hire service for a field trip for your class or social club.

There is too much to enjoy n Manchester to waste all of your time on driving and parking your vehicle. Use a minibus hire service and go out and enjoy everything that Manchester has to offer. Our driver will make sure you arrive on time and return home safely.