24 Seater Minibus Hire Manchester

24 Seater Minibus Hire Manchester

Social clubs and schools love our 24 seater minibus hire Manchester services because they can accommodate this size of group for day trips and field trips with ease. Our 24 seater minibuses offer oversized seats covered in soft fabric for extra comfort, wide walkways within the bus to make maneuvering to the seats easy, and a storage area to bring any type of equipment or supplies necessary for the event.

The tinted windows will help block unwanted sun glare and the climate control features will ensure that the interior of the bus is always at a pleasurable temperature. Our friendly and knowledgeable driver will promptly arrive when requested and provide you with a great transport experience for the day.

In addition to providing excellent transportation services for field trips and social outings, our 24 seater minibus hire in Manchester is also an excellent form of transportation for:

? Business Events. Move people to and from conventions and business meetings with ease. Our service not only provides convenience, it also reduces costs associated with personal transportation and parking and eliminates the potential for people arriving late to the event.

? Weddings. Move guests from the ceremony to the reception area quickly using a 24 seater minibus. These buses are also perfect for moving the wedding party to and from each location throughout the day.

? Sporting Events. Parking and traffic surrounding large sporting venues can be very chaotic. Eliminate the chaos by gathering your friends and hiring a 24 seater minibus to attend the event together.

Our reps will be pleased to schedule your 24 seater ?can be booked for whatever occasion you desire. We will match your needs to the right size of transport and always for the right price. All of our vehicles are available at all times, guaranteeing that we can always meet your needs.